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While tools, methods, metrics and others are very useful in the daily activities of PR and Communication practitioners, there are some issues we all need help or advice with.

More often than not, we find it easier to discuss confidential matters with perfect strangers online – they may not be quick to judge, they may not have enough details to identify us nor are they likely to turn up to our place of work.

I created the #PowerandInfluence weekly Twitter chat with a single purpose in mind – that of having a safe space for all of us to debate really complex, contentious and thorny issues.

A close friend or relative may offer you biased professional advice – the advice a community of practice offers you is unlikely to be.

Your issues, concerns and worries may find a solution every Wednesday evening, at 8 pm GMT.

Every problem you need to discuss is shared with the #PowerandInfluence community without mentioning your name, your employer, your social media handles or absolutely anything that could identify you. This is what a safe space on social media looks like.

The key pieces of advice and recommendations offered to a weekly problem will be uploaded here.

If we help just one of our colleagues, we’ve succeeded.

Thank you for being here.

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